E19 GUEST: Peter Singer on Morality, Meaning, and Cancel Culture

A special guest appearance from "the most influential ethicist alive"

Jul 27, 2020

Peter Singer is an Australian philosopher who has dedicated his life and his career to reducing the suffering of animals and tackling global poverty. In 2005 Singer was listed as one of Time Magazine's 100 Most Influential People, and by 2014 Singer had encouraged more than 17,000 people to publicly pledge a percentage of their income to effective charities. Why, then, has Singer been derided as a 'Nazi', and spent decades facing protests and cancelled talks across the world?

In this special guest appearance, Peter and I will discuss the moral obligations that we face to give money to effective charities, the backlash that Peter has faced to his work, and the state of cancel culture in 2020. We'll also talk about Peter's recent research into the oldest novel ever written, and his support for the animal rights movement.

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